Reinforcement sections for PVCu doors

Especially PVCu doors require steel reinforcements for structural reasons. In order to allow the large and heavy elements to withstand daily stresses and to offer sufficient protection against burglary, particularly large steel reinforcements with higher material thicknesses are used. Those reinforcements often are made of steel in 2.5mm or 3mm. Most common are welded sections, which need to have recesses in order to accommodate the closing mechanisms.

From a portfolio of over 150 shapes, Gebhardt-Stahl is able to offer you the right reinforcement sections.

    • Welded sections up to 90 x 90mm are always in stock.
    • Welded steel sections in accordance with your specifications are also possible.
    • Recently, we are able to offer you over 1,000 different milling patterns. This saves your work, time and costs. Recesses produced by lasers or CNC milling are highly accurate and meet the highest requirements.
    • As required, we are able to manufacture the recesses individually according to your specifications.
    • Also available in 6m lengths, steel reinforcement sections with or without a mitre cut are ready for installation in accordance with your specifications.

    Gebhardt-Stahl offers steel reinforcement sections for various types of doors, be it the front door, a side door or a lift and slide door.

    Steel reinforcement profiles
    for front doors

    • Reinforcement sections for front door sashes
    • Reinforcement sections for front door frames
    • Reinforcement sections for front door posts

    Steel reinforcement sections
    for side entrance doors

    • Reinforcement sections for the sashes of side entrance doors
    • Reinforcement sections for the frames of side entrance doors
    • Reinforcement sections for the posts of side entrance doors

    Reinforcement sections
    for lift and slide doors

    • Steel armouring for fixed and moving elements
    • Steel armouring for trolley mounting
    • Frame-profiles


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