Thermally broken sections

Together with the increasingly stringent energy saving regulations (EnEV) over the last couple of years, increased environmental awareness and rising energy costs have led to the fact that planners, operators and end-users are more and more demanding windows with better U values. Particular attention is paid to this aspect, especially with the construction of low-energy or passive houses.

Multi-chamber profiles with up to 7 chambers and multi-glazing (up to triple glazing) with an argon or krypton filling make it possible to achieve better U values. However, sometimes this is insufficient and too expensive.

Our protected thermally broken sections now offer the possibility to reduce the U values of windows further and to achieve this without structural compromises, even in the case of large elements.

The thermally broken profiles consist of cold-rolled steel legs and a connecting polyurethane bridge, which is cast with the steel legs during production.

The IFT-certified thermally broken sections help to save energy and in doing so, conserve resources. They enable a Uf value reduction of up to 0.2 W/m2K to be achieved. In doing so, they significantly contribute to meeting the requirements of the energy saving regulation 2016 (EnEV)

Our thermally broken sections are available as a replacement for a large number of standard reinforcement sections and for various PVCu window systems.

We are happy to calculate the Uf value for the PVCu window system you are using, as well as possible improvements to the Uf value by use of thermally broken sections.

In addition, our thermally broken sections can be used in a wide range of other areas than window construction, e.g. for housings of air handling units. The suitability for powder coating further increases the possible range of applications.

For your production however, the use of the thermally broken sections does not mean any changes:

  • Production processes can be maintained unchanged
  • No changes in the production process are necessary in order to build windows with different Uf values
  • In comparison with equivalent steel reinforcing profiles, the structure is similar
  • Thermally broken sections can be processed in the same way as conventional reinforcement sections. Machine modification is not necessary
  • Identical characteristics during sawing
  • Screw connections, which are otherwise performed in steel, can also be performed, as usual, in the plastic part of the thermally broken sections


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