Access door for rectangular ductwork with edge protection

Access doors for rectangular ductwork pressed from galvanised steel in a sturdy double-shell design with a flow-optimised inner shell to prevent turbulences. Two star-shaped hand knobs with embedded metal thread allow to fix the access panels to the duct. Access doors with self-adhesive edge protection for secure assembly and service. Suitable for sealing class D (TÜV-Nord certified). Available in sizes from 180x80mm to 700x500mm. Each access door delivered in a bag including self-adhesive drilling plate. Access doors made of stainless steel are also available.

Access Door/ Access Panel

  • For rectangular/square and oval ducts
  • Fixed by two star-shaped hand knobs (red)
  • Self-adhesive drilling plate in each bag
  • Self-adhesive edge protection included
  • Access door for rectangular ductwork with edge protection

    • Self-adhesive edge protection in each bag
    • Available in different sizes, 180x80mm up to 700x500mm
    • Individually packaged
    Gebhardt-Stahl GmbH
Art. no. Type Size PU Palett
308000010 ID18K 180 x 80 mm 50 pcs* 800 pcs
308010010 ID21K 200 x 100 mm 50 pcs* 800 pcs
308010015 ID31K 300 x 150 mm 25 pcs* 300 pcs
308020010 ID32K 300 x 200 mm 25 pcs* 300 pcs
308020015 ID42K 400 x 200 mm 10 pcs* 160 pcs
308030010 ID43K 400 x 300 mm 10 pcs* 120 pcs
308030015 ID53K 500 x 300 mm 8 pcs* 96 pcs
308040010 ID54K 500 x 400 mm 6 pcs* 48 pcs
308040015 ID64K 600 x 400 mm 4 pcs* 40 pcs
308060010 ID65K 600 x 500 mm 4 pcs* 40 pcs
308060015 ID75K 700 x 500 mm 3 pcs* 36 pcs
*Alternative packings upon request

Self-adhesive edge protection

  • Self-adhesive edge protection

    • Art.-Nr.: 308990010
    • Color: Black
    • Self-adhesive edge protection for Access Door/ Access Panel
    • EPDM
    • PU 100 m
    Gebhardt-Stahl GmbH





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