Pipe clamps

without insulation rubber

Gebhardt-Stahl pipe clamps are made of galvanised steel in the form of a 2-part screw clamp. All clamps have a welded-on combination nut M8/M10 and allow a good adaptation to pipe tolerances because of the two locking screws. A wide opening angle enables fast and practical assembly. A click-in lock simplifies the assembly for pipe diameters up to 400mm.

Clamp for spiral tubes ∅ 80 - 400mm

  • Clamp for spiral tubes ∅ 80 - 400mm

    • Galvanized steel without insulation rubber
    • Welded on combination nut M8/M10
    • Quick and convenient installation as a result of wide opening angles
    • Click-in lock (up to 400 mm)
    • Dimensions: 20 x 1,8mm


    Gebhardt-Stahl GmbH
Art.-no. Description PU
315700010 Clamp 80mm 60 St.
315710010 Clamp 100mm 60 St.
315720010 Clamp 125mm 60 St.
315730010 Clamp 140mm 60 St.
315740010 Clamp 150mm 60 St.
315750010 Clamp 160mm 60 St.
315760010 Clamp 180mm 60 St.
315770010 Clamp 200mm 30 St.
315780010 Clamp 225mm 30 St.
315790010 Clamp 250mm 30 St.
315800010 Clamp 280mm 30 St.
315810010 Clamp 300mm 30 St.
315820010 Clamp 315mm 30 St.
315830010 Clamp 355mm 20 St.
315840010 Clamp 400mm 20 St.





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