Weather louvre 50 mm

The Gebhardt-Stahl weather louvre 50mm is a variable self-assembly system consisting of lamella, frame profile, matching corners and a lamella carrier.

The modular system makes it possible to produce weather louvres of various dimensions – quickly and easily.  The frame covers break edges on the wall breakthrough and ensures a clean wall ending.


  • High level of stability
  • Low installation costs
  • Free cross-section, approx. 55%
  • The lamella carrier fixes lamellas
  • Distance between lamellas 82mm
  • Frame width 50mm

Weather louvre 50 mm

  • Lamella (50 mm)

    • Art. no.: 304030015
    • Galvanised steel
    • Distance between lamellas 82 mm
    • Length 5m, PU 100 m
    Gebhardt-Stahl GmbH

Frame profile for weather louvre (50 mm)

  • Frame (50 mm)

    • Art. no.: 304040015
    • Galvanised steel
    • Frame 50 mm
    • Length 5 m, PU 100 m
    Gebhardt-Stahl GmbH

Lamella carrier for weather louvre (50 mm)

  • Lamella carrier (50 mm)

    • Art. no.: 304040025
    • Galvanised steel
    • For weather louvre lamella
    • not folded
    • Length 2,5 m, PU 20 pcs
    Gebhardt-Stahl GmbH

Corner piece for weather louvre (50 mm)

  • With internal mounting leg
  • No welding spots or rivets on visible frame
  • Corner piece (50mm)

    • Art. no.: 304050025
    • Galvanised steel
    • For 50 mm frames
    • PU 200 pcs

    Gebhardt-Stahl GmbH





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