Glass rebate reinforcements / Stiffening elements for roller-shutter housings / Roller-shutter shafts

Steel reinforcements are not only used in PVCu windows and doors, but are also found in lift and slide doors, sliding windows and doors, folding shutter systems, roller shutters, marquee systems or facade elements.

We are continuously working to supply you with the perfect steel reinforcements for all applications. This is why Gebhardt-Stahl offers you some special profiles in addition to the common reinforcement sections.

Flat steel

Flat steel is a simple and fast solution for the reinforcement of glass rebates. It’s unavoidable for structural reasons, particularly when using triple glazing or for particularly large elements. The use of flat steel further improves the structure in the direction of the wind load, what is an important aspect in the construction of windows for many applications.
  • Flat steel

    • Available for all systems
    • Numerous variants available from 16.5 x 2.0mm to 140 x10mm; many types always on stock.
    • Available in non-perforated and pre-perforated formats.
    Gebhardt-Stahl GmbH

Flat steel replacement

The replacement for flat steel developed by Gebhardt-Stahl is the pre-perforated alternative to conventional glass rebate reinforcements with flat steel. Our flat steel replacement even stabilizes large elements with triple glazing.
  • Flat steel replacement

    • Quick and easy handling
    • Cost savings and labour savings compared to conventional flat steel
    • No drilling required
    • Retrofitting is also possible.
    • Available for all systems.
    Gebhardt-Stahl GmbH

Handle-free reinforcements

Reinforcement profiles are necessary for structural reasons and in many cases, they are also required for screw connections in the frame. Sometimes, however, it is advantageous when there’s no need to drill through the steel: the drilling process is faster, the drills have a significantly longer service life, and no hot swarf (which can damage the PVC) is removed.Even in such cases, in order to avoid making compromises in terms of the structure, Gebhardt-Stahl offers “handle-free” steel reinforcements as a substitute for standard sash reinforcements.
  • Handle-free reinforcements

    • Replacement for standard sash reinforcement sections
    • No more drilling through the steel
    • Less swarf and less scratching of the PVC during the production process
    • No recess has to be made for fittings
    • Available for many sash reinforcements
    • Simplifies assembly
    • Production speed can be increased
    Gebhardt-Stahl GmbH

Stiffening element for roller-shutter housings

Large windows often have to deal with structural problems. The same thing also occurs with larger PVCu windows with roller shutter housings. In order to remedy this situation, we have developed stiffening elements, which give the elements the required stability.
  • Stiffening element for roller-shutter housings

    • Ideal structures for PVCu windows with roller-shutter housings
    • The alternative to massive frame reinforcements or flat steel
    • The stiffening elements provide significantly better structure than alternative solutions
    • Also reliably stabilises large window elements
    • Pre-perforated for easy assembly
    • Available for many PVCu window systems
    Gebhardt-Stahl GmbH

Roller-shutter shafts

  • Roller-shutter shafts

    • Octagon tube
    • Galvanised steel
    • Sizes available 40mm, 50mm, 60mm and 70mm
    • Variable sheet gauges on request
    • Adequate telescopic shafts also available
    Gebhardt-Stahl GmbH

Telescopic shafts

Matching telescopic shafts are also available.


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