Vineyard stakes

Traditionally vineyard stakes made of wood have been used in many countries and still are. However, these wooden vineyard stakes have limited service life as a result of weathering, storms, pests, etc.

With steel vineyard stakes such as Gebhardt-Stahl's Fructus C, Fructus Z and Fructus Z5, you no longer have to consider this. We achieve a level of resistance and durability, which gives you the security of being able to make an investment for the future by using split steel with a high level of zinc plating.

In order to make your work in the cultivation areas as efficient and comfortable as possible, our vineyard stakes can be easily inserted and removed by hand or machine. As a further advantage, the innovative shape and high material thickness of our stakes result in a secure stand. Our range of vertical line stakes, end posts and accessories allows you to find the right materials for all climatic and local conditions, grape varieties and working methods. Naturally, they are all suitable for mechanical harvesting by harvesters as well.

Gebhardt-Stahl's vineyard posts are:

  • A cost-effective solution
  • Durable and maintenance-free
  • Fit for approx. 30 years of service, depending on weather conditions and usage
  • Suitable for all climatic environments and local conditions
  • Stable
  • Suitable for mechanical harvesting

Moreover, our vineyard stakes are also suitable for use in other fields of agriculture, e.g. fruit growing.






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We have been manufacturing cold-rolled metal sections in Werl for more than 30 years. We’re an innovative medium-sized enterprise and focus on the production of steel reinforcement sections for PVCu windows, HVAC components, steel vineyard stakes and bespoke profiles.


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