Vertical line stakes

In the field of modern viniculture, vineyard stakes have to satisfy a wide range of requirements. In addition to their long service life our steel vertical line stakes are characterized by a host of other advantages.

In order to perform their proper task (the stabilization of grapevines) vertical line stakes need to be stable and durable. Our Fructus vineyard stakes fulfill these demands as a result of material thickness, shape. Due to the design and large take up of soil, the stakes can be securely anchored into the ground.

A further important criterion when selecting a suitable vertical line stake is the type of the lateral wire liner. It goes without saying that the wire liners should optimally adapted to your processing requirements. In the case of our Fructus series of line stakes, you can choose between lateral wire liner by means of internal or external hooks. Hooks can be with or without barb.

The Fructus C and Fructus Z5 vertical line stakes can be easily inserted and removed by hand or machine and are suitable for use in combination with harvesters as well.

In order to adapt to the different types of soil and foliage heights, Gebhardt's Fructus C and Z5 vertical line stakes are available in different lengths.


  • Easy to insert by hand or machine
  • Easy to insert into any substrate, suitable for all types of soil
  • High level of stability
  • Long service life as a result of Z 275 zinc plating (20 µm) - Z 600 zinc plating (42 µm) also takes place
  • Service life of over 30 years is possible
  • Fructus C and Fructus Z5 are also suitable for mechanical harvesting by harvesters
  • Available for foliage heights up to 3.00m
  • For each phase of growth
  • Suitable for all climatic environments and local conditions
  • Hole for mechanical extraction
  • Holes for guiding the middle wire
  • For maximum flexibility when using wire, the spacing of hooks is only 100mm
  • Height of the lowest hook varies according to the length of the vineyard stake
  • Secure wire lining
Fructus C
  • Innovative external hooks with barb or
  • External hooks without barb for protecting the wire
Fructus Z5
  • Specially shaped internal hooks
  • H-shape or
  • N-shape

Fructus C

A vertical line stake with a classic shape that provides easy handling and good stability. Available in versions with or without barb on the external wire liner and in lengths from 1.40m to 3.00m.
  • Fructus C

    • Galvanised steel: Z275 or Z600
    • Material thickness 1.5mm
    • A cost-effective solution
    • Large take up of soil for a high level of stability
    • Standard shape vineyard stakes with a familiar, tried and tested cross-section
    • Punched on both sides, i.e. hooks for lateral wire liner on both sides
    • A special rounded hook with barb keeps wire securely in place and prevents slipping
    • Alternatively available without barb on the wire liner
    • Available in lengths ranging from 1.40m to 3.00m
    • Packaging unit: bundles of 50 stakes
    Gebhardt-Stahl GmbH

Fructus Z5

As a result of the innovative Z-shape that has been registered as a utility model, the Fructus Z5 series of stakes offers maximum stability and optimum convenience when inserting. Because of the internal hooks (H-shape or N-shape), the Fructus Z5 is the ideal choice when using harvesters.Available in thicknesses of 1.50 or 1.75mm and lengths from 1.40m to 3.00m.2 hook shapes to choose from:
  • H-shape: For a secure hold and convenient removal of the wire e.g. when moving the stake
  • N-shape: For improved hold by optimised hook shape
  • H-hook and N-hook can be combined on the same stake
  • Fructus Z5

    • Galvanised steel: Z275 or Z600
    • Material thickness: 1.50mm or 1.75mm
    • Innovative Z-shape for maximum stability and easy insertion
    • A small number of stakes is required per row
    • Brings cost advantages
    • Internal hooks on both sides serve as lateral wire liners
    • Ideal for mechanical harvesting by harvesters
    • Registered as a utility model
    • Available in lengths from 1.40m to 3.00m
    • Packaging unit: bundles of 50 stakes
    Gebhardt-Stahl GmbH





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