For our organisation, integrity is more than a concept; it is an unquestionable commitment. It serves as our moral compass, guiding us to make principled decisions regardless of external pressures. We embed integrity firmly into our processes and decisions, and ensure that it remains a cornerstone of our operations. By upholding integrity, we take responsibility and strengthen our credibility, which increases our attractiveness for partners, customers and employees alike.

We firmly believe that sustainable success depends on shared adherence to integrity and compliance. For this reason, we have integrated integrity and compliance into the core of our strategy, and declared them to be one of the most important pillars of our sustainability initiatives.

We are aware of the consequences of violating laws and regulations, and are therefore committed to setting standards for ethical behaviour. Our Business Partner Code of Conduct and other guidelines form the ethical framework for our actions. We actively demonstrate our corporate values, principles and rules and promote a culture of trust, honesty and fairness. Through transparent communication and consistent adherence to clear guidelines, we not only protect our company and its members, but are also a beacon for ethical leadership in our industry.