Thanks to our flex.x spigot system, you have the option of manufacturing expansion joints or elastic connection spigots (canvas spigots) yourself and all that in the usual quality. Our self-assembly kits for flexible connections are suitable for the highest air tightness requirements and are airtight - without any additional sealing tape. The self-assembly systems are suitable for both square and round air ducts, as well as for connection with our proven sliding strips or duct clips.

The finished expansion joints are used, among other things, as expansion compensation and for structure-borne sound decoupling on air ducts or HVAC systems.

Square and round

Variable self-assembly system for angular and round air ducts


The elastic connecting pieces are manufactured in just a few steps

VDI 6022

Both the flex.x PVC and the sweatband are applicable according to VDI 6022

General properties

  • Variable and quick self-assembly system
  • Approx. 50% saving in production time (as stated to us by current processors)
  • For the production of compensators or elastic connecting pieces (canvas connecting pieces).
  • The connection piece is used, among other things, as expansion compensation and for decoupling structure-borne noise in air ducts or HVAC systems.
  • Square and round spigots available
  • Spigots are elastic over the entire width
  • Special case of one side being galvanised and the other stainless steel is possible
  • Suitable for the highest sealing requirements
  • No consumption of sealing compound
  • No drying time of the adhesive or sealant
  • The sleeve therefore does not have to be stored temporarily
  • The spigot can be packed or delivered directly after production
  • Added value during installation, no additional sealing tape required during installation of the sleeve
  • No more dotting or clinching necessary
  • Elastic over the entire width
  • Spigots also available in round design
  • Suitable for connection to the duct network or HVAC system with duct clips and sliding strips
  • Also the special case of one side of the connection frame in galvanised & one side in stainless steel is possible

Suitable for square and round air ducting systems

You need canvas spigots for square and round air ducts? No problem! Our variable flex.x spigot system enables you to produce high-quality elastic connecting spigots yourself for both types of air ducts. 

Frame profile and corner angle

  • Frame profile available as 20 and 30 mm profile
  • Galvanised steel, stainless steel 1.4301 and 1.4404
  • Corner bracket with slotted hole for optimum assembly behaviour
  • Additional lateral adjustment holes for subsequent alignment of the component during assembly


  • Elastic connection with sealing lip on both sides
  • Widths: 105 mm, 130 mm, 155 mm and 180 mm
  • Standard version - Normally flammable (DIN 4102 - B2)
  • Version ATEX - Antistatic for EX-protected areas
  • The elastic joint (B2) fulfils the requirements regarding microbial metabolism according to DIN EN ISO 846 - A, C
  • The flexible joint (B2) is classified as very well disinfectable and fulfils the hygienic requirements for use in air conditioning systems according to VDI 6022, sheet 1.
  • Application temperature: -30°C / + 80°C
  • Silicone-free
  • UV-resistant

Hot air welding machine

  • User-friendly handling
  • For welding the two cutting edges of the flex.x beam
  • Only one KOMBI mounting plate required for all standard widths
  • Robust hot air tool with powerful blower


Our focus on continuous development has allowed us to grow over the past decades from a supplier of ventilation components to a leading company in the field of air duct profiles and a full-range supplier in the field of ventilation accessories.

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